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We believe that victims of accidents and occupational diseases as members of ATTAAT should be able to decide on their living conditions, without infringing their rights. We believe that a regional association like ours can achieve its objectives by providing the necessary training and resources.

Information and awareness

Four times a year we publish our newspaper “The injured person” which informs and educates readers on the various subjects directly or indirectly affecting workers injured in the workplace while also reporting on situations which affect victims of accidents and occupational injuries. We are exposing the injustices and rallying together are working together to end them.

We help you for the drafting of any document which must reach the CNESST and we offer you coffee meetings every year in the various MRCs of the region. The social and psychological impact experienced by victims of occupational injuries. It is so huge that it must be filled with our permanent presence to promote real accessibility to justice.

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Individual meeting

The Association offers all victims of occupational injuries the opportunity to come and meet with us in order to facilitate their file management, understand the steps and procedures to follow, send them all the relevant information to discern the true from the false. so that they can make informed decisions and avoid mistakes that can be decisive in their records.

A quality legal reference service is also offered on the laws in force for Health and safety at work. ATTAAT has a network of lawyers who have at heart the defense of victims of employment injuries.

We put all our know-how so that people like you temporarily in distress, weakened by a physical or psychological injury, discouraged by approaches that seem insurmountable and destitute in the face of a compensation system managed by professionals, medical experts and legal, can have an organization like ours ready to listen to them and support them throughout their journey with the CNESST.


Legal reference

The Association offers all its members a quality legal reference service on the laws in force for Health and safety at work. ATTAAT has a network of lawyers who are committed to defending victims of occupational injuries.

Each file is treated with diligence, professionalism and confidentiality. We put all our know-how to ensure that files are settled within a reasonable time and in the interest of injured workers.

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Psychosocial assessment

Since 2009, the association has offered all its members a psychosocial assessment when the file was opened. This assessment is made by a member of our staff. This assessment helps us to better help victims of occupational injuries. It also tells us about the person’s level of psychological distress.

All information collected in these assessments is strictly confidential. Any member who wishes can have access to his file.

Anyone else who wishes to have access to these assessments should have the member’s written consent or a formal proxy. The only people authorized to consult the evaluations are the permanent members of the association.

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