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Who are we

ATTAAT is a non-profit association mainly gathering worker’s victims of accidents and occupational diseases, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

ATTAAT believes in the principles of defending collective rights as well as community action. It is neither funded by the CNESST, nor by employers.

Our mandate is to support and help our unionized and non-unionized members at the local and regional level while providing various professional services such as: dissemination of information, accompaniment, legal, medical and psychosocial references.

We believe that victims of accidents and occupational diseases as members of ATTAAT should be able to decide on their living conditions, without infringing their rights. We believe that a regional association like ours can achieve its objectives by providing the necessary training and resources.

Consultation and file monitoring services are offered to victims of accidents and occupational diseases to help them in their procedures and procedures with employers by giving them the necessary resources they need so that they can defend their rights: telephone information, reference to the various organizations, individual and direct interventions with the accident victim, interview, psychological support, helping relationship, active listening and support throughout their efforts


Founded in 2001 by Mr. Yvan Arseneault, as well as a group of injured workers, ATTAAT has always ensured the sustainability of its services, despite the obstacles that its founding members had to overcome over the years. Through its activities, ATTAAT promotes the pooling of the analyzes and concerns of its members.

It supports and strengthens the movement of popular actions in defense of the rights of victims of accidents and occupational diseases which, thanks to a coherent message and a concerted mobilization with other community action groups, it plays a role. essential in the defense and improvement of the rights of all victims of occupational injuries in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

The annual general meeting is the privileged occasion to take stock of our actions as well as our positions, on the basis of the assessment that we can make, in order to chart the prospects for our future joint action. It is a fundamental exercise in any democratic organization and particularly, in an organization for the collective defense of rights.

For its action to be significant, ATTAAT must rally all the members around common objectives and a strategy that takes into account both the level of development of the association, the cohesion of the movement and the general economic situation.

ATTAAT plays a key role in the defense and improvement of the rights of all victims of occupational injuries in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Consultation and file follow-up services are offered to victims of accidents and occupational diseases to help them in their procedures and procedures with employers. Coffee meetings and trainings are organized to allow them to assert their interests.

Our presence in the region

Some pictures of our social commitments in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Our Mission

ATTAAT’s mission is the collective defense of the rights of workers who are victims of occupational injuries and also defends the following principles:

  • A broad and liberal interpretation of the law.
  • Recognition of all occupational injuries.
  • The assurance of maintaining all of our benefits.
  • Full compensation for any work stoppage due to an employment injury.
  • Fair compensation with a lifetime annuity for any permanent impairment.
  • Fair compensation, by monthly annuities, of the spouses and children of those who died from an employment injury.
  • Full annual indexation of any annuity, compensation or benefit paid by the CNESST.
  • Recognition of the preponderance of the opinion of the attending physician.
  • The right to comprehensive and equitable rehabilitation services.
  • The right to reintegrate into employment, or failing that, into another job.
  • Access to real justice.

Our Values and our vision

To be able to benefit from the compensation scheme, you must be able to exercise your rights and have them respected. In order to preserve the impartiality of justice, the CNESST should not be able to decide, participate or intervene in the process of contesting its decisions.

Public organization such as CNESST and TAT (Administrative Labor Court), should not be responsible for applying a law of public order, should not participate in the negotiation, drafting and signing of transactions which bypass the law as part of the conciliation process.

The camouflage of occupational injuries, in particular through the systemic use of temporary assignment of work by a large number of employers means that now the CNESST completely ignores the real number of occupational injuries that can occur in Quebec since, since under the reform in 1985, employers no longer have the obligation to report all occupational injuries of less than one day.

If the worker returns to work the next day and later sees his injury worsening, he is no longer eligible for the plan because his injury, which appeared to be minor, should have been recorded in writing in the declaration form. accidents.

Many workers also develop psychological injuries as a result of the CNESST’s administrative process and red tape. We must show solidarity and not be prejudiced against them.

“The process” is the harassment that workers must suffer from their employers or the CNESST, the multiple challenges in the file, repeated summons to the doctors of the employer, the CNESST or BÉM, cuts in salary or compensation, numerous court hearings, video surveillance, etc.

Respect the opinion of the attending physician. The CNESST and the employer have the power to have the worker examined by a doctor of their choice. If this doctor contradicts the opinion of the attending physician and the latter maintains his opinion, the file is referred to the Office of Medical Assessment (BÉM).

The BÉM, which brings together a small number of doctors, always the same, causing an exaggerated social cost, issues an opinion which then binds the CNESST. This is when the opinion of the attending physician disappears.


Objectives of the association

Offer workers affected by accidents and / or occupational diseases:

  • Consultation services as well as a file follow-up service to help them in their procedures and procedures with employers, or all decision-making bodies under the relevant laws;
  • A medical and social legal referral service;
  • Training and information workshops in the form of meeting cafes or conferences on CSST regulations or any other federal and provincial regulations;
  • Activities that promote their interests.

Board of directors

Since 2001, members of the board of directors have volunteered to bring together victims of accidents and occupational diseases by claiming their rights to be heard, and since 2001, ATTAAT has undergone significant changes. More and more people are using our services, which shows that they have achieved a high level of trust and credibility with the public. The fight is not over yet.

The majority of AC members are victims of accidents and occupational diseases in the greater Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. Our goal is to help all accident victims who often find themselves alone before the CSST and who know nothing about this vast administrative machine which continues to violate our rights further.

Workers injured on the job must fight every day to defend their rights and ATTAAT will continue to support its members with devotion, professionalism and respect, to help them in the decision-making process of their CNESST file.

So we must all mobilize to give ourselves a power to change things and regain our dignity. We thank those who believe in us and who renew their membership every year.

Together, let’s continue our path towards full compensation for occupational injuries!

« Let’s be realistic, demand the impossible »

Board of Directors 2019-2020

M. Denis Prince


M. Luc Gauthier


M. Gilles Nadeau


M. Stéphane Bélisle


M. Bertrand Sévigny


M. Daniel Perrier


Mme Nada Rais


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