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1 April 2020

COVID-19 Information concerning TAT services

Requests for urgent orders under the Labor Code, requests for a stay, requests for relief in essential services, notices of strike in public services and the right to refuse.

However, you have the option of asking the President of the TAT to continue your hearing or your conciliation session if you believe that serious or irreparable personal, material or environmental damage may be caused to you. To do this, write to the email address communications@tat.gouv.qc.ca or use the fax number 514 873-0211.

The administrative courts of Quebec are identified in the list of priority services and activities. This link will open in a new window, published by the Quebec government on March 23, 2020, the TAT continues to offer the population the services it has determined to be urgent.

Access to our services

Since March 23, 2020, access to TAT offices has been limited to persons summoned to hearings or urgent conciliation sessions. Although our premises are closed to the public, our staff are on the job by telework.

The preparatory or management conferences as well as the conciliation sessions which may be held by telephone continue to be held. Administrative support staff continue to process correspondence received and open files.

Improvement of communications with the TAT

We now offer the option of sending your documents by email, in addition to the fax option. The email addresses of each of the TAT regional offices have been added to the Contact Us page of our website.

In addition, to facilitate communication with our conciliators and labor relations officers, we have added their telephone numbers to each of the regional offices on the Contact page of our website. To find out the name of the conciliator assigned to your Occupational Health and Safety Division file, you can access the History of a file online service. This link will open in a new window and enter your file number.

In addition, since retrieving mail delivered by Canada Post is more difficult, we ask that you file your documents and forms using our online services. If your correspondence is urgent, we invite you to send it by email or fax to the office responsible for your file.

Suspension of time limits in matters of administrative justice

On March 21, 2020, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec, Ms. Sonia LeBel, announced the suspension of certain time limits in matters of administrative justice. This suspension applies for the entire period of the health emergency, that is, from March 13, 2020.

As a result, all time limits for bringing a case to the Administrative Labor Court are suspended, with the exception of those provided for in Article 22 of the Labor Code. However, we encourage you to exercise your recourse to the TAT within the deadlines, by using our online services, email or fax.
Role of TAT in essential serices

The jurisdiction of the Essential Services Division of the Administrative Labor Tribunal is limited to essential services to be maintained in the public services during a labor dispute (strike or lockout).

It is therefore not the role of the TAT to determine the companies considered to offer “essential services” following the declaration by Prime Minister François Legault on March 23, 2020, since this declaration is linked to the means implemented to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quebec employers can consult the list of priority services and activities. This link will open in a new window sent by the provincial government, in order to verify whether their business offers services or carries out priority activities.

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